I Will Prove You Can Earn Enough Online Working Part Time Only

Over the next few weeks I am starting a new project to which I will devote a maximum of 2 hours a day, five days a week. I will be detailing everything that I do with my two hours so that you can watch my progress. The aim is to create a consistent weekly income in the region of $700. That would equate to double what you would make working 35 hours a week for the UK minimum wage. I expect to be able to reach that figure within six months.

I will be avoiding the route I first took which was to offer services. While I still believe that that is the easiest way to make money online, it is neither consistent nor scaleable. To succeed online you need to create regular income streams, and the aim here is, as much as possible, to create residual streams that need little upkeep.

This is going to involve among other things finding continuity programs that can be successfully promoted as an affiliate. Services like hosting and autoresponders can be lucrative here, as they are services that people will go on using for years.

Currently I am finishing a major project, and as soon as I have done that I will be starting here. To be kept up to date just pop your details in the box below:


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2 thoughts on “I Will Prove You Can Earn Enough Online Working Part Time Only”

  1. I will be interested to see this. I have tried all sorts of things without any real success. Will you be using things like empower network?

    • I have looked at empower network and if it was registered in the UK
      it would be shut down by the OFT as it doesn’t comply with their
      requirements, so no,I don’t intend using anything like that.
      I do know some people who have been successful with it,
      but it doesn’t meet my criteria either.


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